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Summer Time and the living’s overwhelming.

July 6th, 2009

Life has remained the same, and yet everything has changed since my last post.  I turned in my notice at my old job, getting out of there before the store actually closed.  I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people and for a family business (Gottschalks was over 100 years old…  but sadly even 100 years didn’t give them the competitive edge they needed to survive).  It was a place that still had integrity, something that I think a lot of American businesses now lack (that being said, maybe this is what killed them).

I’m now working an office-esque job for a family friend, which gives me a lot of time to try and get my life together: LSAT prep (I hate logic questions…  I’m Californian, we don’t think logically), keeping up with my Russian, writing a resume and cover letter in Russian (nothing will test your knowledge of a language like writing a resume), and just generally getting ready to leave the country.  I’ve filled out more forms than I care to talk about, and the experience has been altogether so incredibly enjoyable that it’s made me rather nervous about leaving for Russia.  I’ve recently found out that there aren’t that many people in the ACTR program going to Vladimir, most are going to Moscow or St. Petersburg (I know of two others going to Vladimir… and the program has 70 people for fall semester).  I am still incredibly excited, I think it’s more the reality of becoming an adult that’s freaking me out.  Regardless the next year or so of my life is bound to be full of excitement and I can’t wait.

Except for jury duty this Wednesday.  That I could put off.  I can’t decide if I will enthusiastically do my civic duty or simply be a pain in the rear.  I guess it depends which side of the bed I wake up on Wednesday morning.

To listen to this week: Tarzan Boy by Baltimora.  A European “New Wave” band, Baltimora is comprised of an Irish lead singer and some Italians.  Tarzan Boy was a 1985 hit in both the UK and the US (although it did a little better in the UK than the US).  It’s a fun song that just about anybody can get into with the Tarzan yell, it’s also a great summer song.  If you need an alternative, Tony Christy’s “Is This the Way to Amarillo?” is SO much fun.